Map of South-Eastern Europe

In this section, you will find analytical overviews of the current situation of documentary film in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and UNMI Kosovo. The texts written by authors active in the documentary scene of the region also point out various aspects of filmmaking and the market. Ylljet Alicka (Albania) and Veton Nurkollari (UNMI Kosovo) emphasise the role of international donors and foundations. Rada Šešić discusses market perspectives as well as the involvement of film festivals in order to offer better chances for filmmakers in the region. She also examines the history of documentary filmmaking in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dinko Tucaković looks at the history of documentary making in Serbia and addresses the issue of labelling cinematography before 1991 „Yugoslav“ or „national.“ Hrvoje Turković (Croatia) gives a pointed overview of the stylistic profiles and approaches in his country. Goran Trenčovski (Macedonia) speaks about the philosophy of filmmaking. Dumitru Marian opens the door to Moldova, in this context still the most isolated cinematography with great potential.

The individual articles deal with different parts of the region, but the common characteristics are obvious. Documentaries across the region share certain subjects and there are similarities in the situation of filmmakers and producers, in their film markets and in their co-operation with the international film scene.

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