Map of South-Eastern Europe

The film database provides further information on the films referred to in the texts on documentary film in Southeast Europe. It does not claim to be complete. Data for documentaries is difficult to find and often not completely recorded, public sources are often missing. This database gives the best information available at the end of October 2007. We are grateful for any additional information or corrections. The essays refer to a number of films produced between 1918 and the independency of the successor states of former Yugoslavia. Films produced in these periods (Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (1918 – 1929); Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1929 – 1941); Democratic Federation of Yugoslavia (1943 – 1946); Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia (1946 – 1963); Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1963 – 1992); Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1992 -2003)) are listed under the country of production „Yugoslavia“.

The address database gives an overview of production companies, organisations and festivals involved with documentary filmmaking in Southeast Europe. Though it was compiled with care, it cannot claim to be complete. Again, we are grateful for any additional information or corrections.

The bibliography makes no claim to be exhaustive. Some of the listed publications contain little information about Southeast European documentary but were included for reasons of completeness. Please address any queries or proposed additions to the following e-mail address:

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