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Kosova – Desperate Search

Etjet e Kosovës / Kosova – Desperate Search

Kosova Desperate Search is about the tragic aftermath of the Kosovo war from the viewpoint of two families from different regions. One family lives in the countryside and the other in urban ambience. The husband returns from war and falls in deep depression because he is not able to help his wife to search for their lost children. The family in the city also did not have a good time. Since the end of the war the unemployed family man reads stoically the newspaper and observes the political events on TV. Through her work for UNMIK the daughter becomes ensnared by the western world and its values, becoming alienated from her old life and family and is thrust into moral disorientation. Her mentally handicapped brother is exposed to the new circumstances. The mother dedicates herself to the search for missing persons and evades her family responsibilities. The search of the lost children crosses the path of the two women and decides the cruel destiny of their families. A third strands shows two old men: an Albanian and a Serb. They have polemic about the consequences of war, the faith of their families and the future of the former enemies of war.

Source: Balkan Black Box Festival, Berlin, 2006;

Serbia and Montenegro (UNMI Kosovo) / Germany 2006
82 min, colour

Sunaj Raca

Faruk Begolli
Vath Koreshi
Sunaj Raca

Gavrosh Haxhihyseni
Shukri Kaçaniku

Vančo Mirakovski
Andreas Nöcker

Maijan Necak

Sali Limani

Rajmonda Bullku
Blerim Destani
Faruk Begolli
Meto Jovanovski

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L.A.R.A. GmbH, Düsseldorf

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