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Tre hapat e shpëtimit / Three steps of salvation

When the first NATO bombs fell in Kosovo and Serbia, the village of Suhareka was surrounded by Serb (para)militaries. All civilians were driven from their homes, rounded up and murdered in cold blood. Only a handful of villagers were able to escape being killed by playing dead and jumping out in time of the truck that was bringing the bodies to a communal grave. In this documentary film the survivors tell their tale of that horrendous day; we also follow the search for the mass graves. In a pulsating rhythm, the testimonies are alternated with sad yet colourful images. The aftermath of the Kosovar war is still in full swing. The Yugoslavia Tribunal is supposed to sentence the guilty, but most of the suspects have not yet been handed over. The search for the mortal remains has also still not been completed. Many victims still lie waiting, hidden in Serbian soil, to be given a decent burial.

Source: Amnesty international Filmfestival Netherlands 2006;

Serbia and Montenegro (UNMI Kosovo) / Serbia and Montenegro 2004
60 min, colour

Orhan Kerkezi

Visar Ymeri

Milot Karsniqi
Enes Sahiti

Faton Hasimja

Orhan Kerkezi

KTV – Kohavision, Prishtina

TV B 92, Belgrade

KTV – Kohavision, Prishtina

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