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Të rritur në rrugë / Growing up in streets

A realistic history of children growing up on the streets of Kosovo, doing hard work in order to earn money. The story reveres the lives of Besarta, Drenusha, Kosovare and Fitim, who have no choice to work under dangerous circumstances until the late hours. Drenusha would like to be a singer, Fitim a policeman, and Besarta would like to be a doctor and have a monkey, doll and one bag for the girls.

Source: East Silver, Catalogue 2006;

Serbia and Montenegro (UNMI Kosovo) 2005
13 min, colour

Burbuqe Berisha

Burbuqe Berisha

Bujar Berisha

Bujar Berisha

Alban Nimani

AbFilm, Prishtina

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