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Disposable Heroes

Heronjtë për një përdorim / Disposable Heroes

'Disposable Heroes' visits seven war veterans of the Balkans who share their common experiences of battle, their firsthand confrontations with the madness of war, and their struggles as veterans to rebuild a normal existence. Today they compare their lives to the fate of Vietnam veterans. The documentary also offers hope - they have totally changed their opinions after the war. Their decision to bring up their children to be more tolerant than they were gives a meaning to their lives again. Since the end of the conflict in 1999, Kosovo has existed ambiguously as a Politically Undefined Province, governed by the United Nations and policed by NATO forces.

Source: ZagrebDox Film Festival 2007;

Serbia and Montenegro (UNMI Kosovo) 2005
25 min, colour

Iris Elezi

Luan Qorraj

Srđan Slavković

Casey Cooper Johnson

Crossing Bridges Production, Prishtina

Crossing Bridges Production, Prishtina

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