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Të rij apo të shkoj / Should i stay or should i go?

This documentary was made as a part of a larger campaign; People of Kosova are People of Europe, initiated by the International Organization for Migration. The aim of this campaign was to encourage people to travel legally to Western Europe as a preventive against human trafficking. Should I stay or should I go? is a personal journey through Brussels inside Albanian community. This documentary questions opportunities and diversities of East and West. SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO? is a documentary produced in an unconventional style. It is a portrait of impressions of a young Kosovar, living the experience of a tourist for the first time in Brussels. The film is a journey through the center of the city, visiting the clubs, shopping for the latest fashion and exploring the culture of the place. Mentor Shuki's journey leads him to meeting Beki and Shelli, two sisters, who study art and film studies at a high school. They talk about cultural differences, diversities between Kosovo and Belgium. Inter cut with the interviews with Fitim Pagarusha, businessman in Brussels, owner of the Cobra Gallery who talks about his life in Brussels since the early seventies, his story continues with a personal portrait of his brother Kader Pagarusha, a painter in Brussels, whose art work conveys a central dilemma of being a migrant in another country.

Serbia and Montenegro (UNMI Kosovo) 2002
30 min, colour

Yil Citaku

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