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Beyond the rainbow

Përtej ylberit / Beyond the rainbow

Homosexuality is one of the biggest taboos in Kosovar society. So much that the main characters of this film are hidden in shadows to protect them from the frequent attacks that occur against gays in Kosovo. This film gives the platform for Kosovo’s homosexual community to speak about their experiences and the discrimination against them, while shedding light on the subject through interviews with Kosovo’s religious leaders, psychologists, analysts and other citizens. Will society learn to accept these people as part of Kosovo’s new liberal reality, or must homosexuals remain in the shadows, hiding their true sexual identities in fear?

Source: Sarajevo Film Festival 2007,

Serbia (UNMI Kosovo) 2007
45 min, colour

Ismet Sijarina

Ismet Sijarina

Sevdije Kastrati

Krener Belegu

Antoneta Kastrati Cooper Johnson

Crossing Bridges Production, Prishtina

Crossing Bridges Production, Prishtina

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