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Who wants to be a presidentWho wants to be a president

Novo, novo Vrijeme/ Croatia 2000 / Who wants to be a president

"Croatia 2000" is a feature-length documentary film dealing with dramatic political events that occurred in the period between the death of Franjo Tudjman and the victory of Stipe Mesic at the presidential elections. Incessantly following the most influential figures in Croatian political life, "Croatia 2000" represents them from an unusual angle in a context they have never been seen in. "Croatia 2000" is by all means the most ambitious documentary project ever filmed in Croatia. Screened in cinemas across Croatia, the film was seen by more than 30 000 people.


Croatia 2000
105 min, colour

Rajko Grlic
Igor Mirkovic
Ivan Mirkovic 

Goran Legovic

Svebor Kranjc
Igor Savatovic
Alan Stankovic
Slobodan Trninic
Mario Delic
Maja Zrnic

Matija Dedic

Rajko Grlic
Boris T. Matic
Igor Mirkovic

Factum, Zagreb

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