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Dan pod suncem / A Day under the sun

This poetic documentary film presents the one day events in the Zadar County. It starts late at night, during sleep. The sounds describe the nocturnal images – agitated animal-like bodies, empty streets and the allegorical scenes of a concealed reality. The film leads into the universal presence of nature and the human sphere of the senses. The film's rhythm changes in time and shows the transition from night to late afternoon in a Mediterranean ambience. Playing with sudden fades from night to dawn, from tension to the carefree game of a spider, to flowers, bees and sheep in the rocky ground of the Island of Pag, and respecting silence as
the natural flow of the events, this film makes one aware of the richness of change in the sublime ordinariness of a single day.

Source: Pula Film Festival 2001, festival catalogue

Croatia 2001
75 min, colour

Vlado   Zrnić

Vlado   Zrnić

Silvio Jesenković 
Boris Poljak

Olivera Dubroja 

Olivera Dubroja 

Miho Zrnić-Marinović

Quadrum Film & Video d.o.o.

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