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The Cormorant ScarecrowThe Cormorant Scarecrow

Plašitelj kormorana / The Cormorant Scarecrow

The Cormorant Scarecrow's basic intention is not to provide analysis of an economic problem, nor to offer solutions. This film simply wants to tell the story of a specific occupation, unusual not only because it is rare, but rounded out within it, I could almost say self-sufficient. It is a real "life on a small scale", a micro universe nearing extinction. To these people, guarding the fish farm by frightening away the cormorants is not a mere job but an obsession of sorts, and it does not end when the working day comes to a close. The reason for this attitude perhaps becomes clearer if we translate the administrative, dry description of their job into more human language. In this way, it seems to me, it becomes possible to see that what we have in this case is a battle for existence in it's most elementary form. Naturally, the cormorants are not doing a job they have "hidden" intentions they are merely trying to survive. And what could be called their "guilt" is exclusively a human categorization. On the other hand, the occupation of the guards is a factor in existential security. Therein lies the key to the relationship between the cormorants and their "scarecrows". Perhaps only subconsciously, but the
guards is a factor in existential security, as long as the cormorants are there. This film has tried to show the compelling interdependence created in this way.

Source: Website Branko Ištvančić;

Croatia 1998
30 min, colour

Branko Ištvančić

Davor Šišmanović

Branko Cahun

Visnja Štern

Pere Ištvančić

Hrvatska Radiotelevizija, Zagreb

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