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The CounterThe Counter

Šalter / The Counter

All the major communal utility services, including Electra (the power-supply company), are obliged to have one or two windows in their administration buildings where users can come to register their complaints. The clerks who are paid to do this job usually start their days firstly allowing themselves to be nailed to the cross by the the enraged public who spit on them and swear at them. This documentary consists of the confessions, or discussion with the clerks of complaints, and scenes of confrontation between the furious citizens and the clerks, all recorded by hidden cameras.

Source: Pula Film Festival 2001, festival catalogue

Croatia 2001
26 min, colour

Dražen Žarković

Dražen Žarković

Darko Halapija

Davorin Tomšić

Hrvatska Radiotelevizija, Zagreb

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