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I will kill you

Ubil bum te / I will kill you

A tragic incident in 1998 changed the lives of three young men. On that fateful night, three friends decided to rob their drug dealer for fifty ecstasies. They arranged a meeting with him on a parking lot in Novi Zagreb. They had a revolver, tear gas and a knife. When the dealer came to the meeting point they invited him in the car and killed him. The irony was that the drug dealer did not have the drugs on him. The film is based on testimonies of these three men and shows how fragile memories can be. The entire film was made during the last two weeks of their freedom, as they were about to go to prison.

Source: Sarajevo Film Festival 2007;

Croatia 2006
30 min, colour

Nikola Strašek

Nikola Strašek

Tomislav Mareković
Nikola Strašek
Vanja Marin

Vanja Marin

Bob Dylan
Howlin Wolf
J.J. Cale
Van Morrison

Vanja Marin

Akademija Dramskih Umjetnosti, Zagreb

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