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The Haidari crisis

Kriza Haidari / The Haidari crisis

Habiba Haidari and her seven children were quite sure that Sahi Ahmed, her husband and their father, was killed in a Taliban prison in Kabul (Afghanistan). They had no word from him for years, so no one knew that he had survived. He was released from prison after eight years. But in the meantime his family had disappeared. Since he thought they were alive and perhaps living in a refugee camp in the West, Sahi Ahmed decided to set off on his journey with a single goal – to find his family. A year later, he was caught as an illegal immigrant in Croatia and imprisoned again. During his stay in a Croatian prison, by some incredible coincidence, he learned that his family is alive and well in Holland. Habiba is working, the children are going to school and they all have Dutch citizenship. So now they want only one thing – to be together again. But from that moment forward, the UNHCR’s bureaucracy assumes responsibility for the fate of the Haidari family. And so the turmoil of the Haidaris continues in a manner inconceivable – for the next three years.


Croatia 2006
59 min, colour

Tomislav Žaja

Gral Film, Zagreb

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