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Cesar Franck - Wolf Vostell

Cesar Franck - Wolf Vostell / Cesar Franck - Wolf Vostell

The film deals with the great Paris organist / composer César Franck, who lived in the second half of the 19th century, playing popular melodies for hours and drinking absinthe with prostitutes in the bars of Paris. After, he'd play J.S. Bach on the organ, and was called the best Bach pianist ever. The film also deals with the great German artist Wolf Vostell, who made the “Décolages” in the 1950s.

Source: Pula Film Festival 2005, festival catalogue

Croatia 2005
19 min

Tomislav Gotovac

Tomislav Gotovac

Željko Radivoj

Željko Radivoj

Hrvatski Filmski Savez, Zagreb

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