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Endart I – IVEndart I – IV

Endart I - IV / Endart I – IV

ENDART is a sequel of the project “V.I.R.a.G.”, a work in progress based on the eighteen letters of the first sentence with intonation of James Joyce's Ulysses: 'Introibo ad altare Dei'. The sentence actually has nineteen letters, but when it is formed into a ring, the first and the last letter merge, producing eighteen 'closed' letters, with no beginning or end, in circular motion. Eighteen letters correspond to eighteen chapters of Ulysses, while the 'closed circle' is the foundation of Joyce's Finnegan's Wake. Each letter presents a title of a short film scene, consisting an independent micro-unit (fractal), at the same time reflecting and forming the structure of the whole. When finished, the project will consist of eighteen video-film-scenes, intermitted with eighteen letters of the above-mebtioned sentence. The title of the film ENDART will be inserted only in one place, at the same time signifying the beginning and the end of the projection. In other words, each viewer will define for himself the 'beginning' and the 'end' of this 'never-ending-movie”.

Source: Website Croatian Film Club's Association;

Croatia 2000

Ivan Ladislav Galeta

Hrvatski Filmski Savez, Zagreb

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