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Maršal / Marshal

Stipan, a young policeman working in Split, is punished for poor performance of his duties by being given a seemingly preposterous assignment. On the island where Stipan was born, several old retired men have been acting in a suspicious manner. They are led by an old partisan, Marinko Cicin; all of them used to be members of the Association of Soldiers of the WW II Liberation Army. Their strange behaviour started at the funeral of one of their war buddies; the town echoes with the gossip of their seeing a ghost at the grave-yard.
Stipan starts an investigation, but simply can’t find out anything from anyone because the island is overcome by fear of ghosts, vampires, werewolves and the like. Marinko and his group don’t even want to talk to Stipan, whom they see as a representative of the enemy government. Stipan’s investigation doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere until one day, a middle-aged couple from Zagreb come to him to report on seeing the ghost of Josip Broz Tito in a marshal uniform. Luka, the mayor, decides to organize ‘socialist-spiritual tourism’ on the island – he alters the town in a ‘socialist spirit’ in order to attract old partisans and squeeze as much money from their miserable pensions as possible. Stipan tries to stop him, but the Workers’ Day parade, the Birthday Baton run and the like start drawing tourists in. And at the spot where Tito’s ‘ghost’ was seen, Stipan finds a couple of medals...

Source: International Forum of New Cinema 2000;

Croatia 1999
97 min, colour

Vinko Brešan

Ivo Brešan
Vinko Brešan

Zivko Zalar
Branko Linta

Sandra Botica 

Mate Matišić

Ljubo Šikić
Ivan Maloca

Dražen Kuhn
Linda Begonja
Ivo Gregurević
Ilja Ivezić
Boris Buzančić

Interfilm, Zagreb

Hrvatska Radiotelevizija, Zagreb

Interfilm, Zagreb

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