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Moonless Night

Nata pa hene / Moonless Night

Like the rest of the Albanian population or so it seems 16-year-old Rudina is travelling to the coast with her grandfather, to be smuggled on board of a rustbucket into the West. On the train she meets Gjergi, a young man with the same plan and destination. The strict and inscrutable grandfather tries to prevent any kind of liaison between the two. During a stop, Rudina and Gjergi are left at the train station and have to continue their journey on foot. On their adventurous walk, the two get closer to one another. When Rudina finally meets her grandfather again, the situation grows more acute. Rudina now discovers his true character, his dark past and the role that Gjergi plays in all of it.

Albania / France 2004
80 min, 35mm, colour

Artan Minarolli

Artan Minarolli

Jacques Bouquin

Artan Minarolli
Joël Farges
Elise Jalladeau

Artcam International, Paris
Art Film

Artan Minarolli

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