As goEast approaches the halfway mark, special cinematic treats are in abundant supply. Jerzy Stuhr, goEast Jury President in 2009, presents his film THE BIG ANIMAL in a Caligari matinee screening that opens the third day of the festival. The Polish master-director then passses the baton to Kira Muratova, who will personally introduce her films THE INFORMATION and THREE STORIES in a double programme in the same venue.

The thematic and geographical range of the 2009 goEast Competition led to packed cinemas on Friday. Today’s screenings showcase competitors from three different countries: the Serbian documentary GOODBYE, HOW ARE YOU? by Boris Mitić, celebrates its international premiere in the Caligari; rare insight into life in the conflict-torn Caucacus region is offered by THE OTHER BANK, a feature from the Georgian Republic; MORPHIA, the new film by Russian director Aleksei Balabanov, is showing in Germany for the first time.

At 15.00 in Murnau-Filmtheater, the 2009 goEast Symposium ‘After Winter Comes Spring. Films Presaging the Fall of the Wall’ embarks upon its third and final day, presenting more outstanding films from the pre-1989 era as well as a closing discussion with a panel of renowned specialists.

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